Sell All Forms of Photographic Silver Flake & Photo Fixer Silver Scrap

We buy all Photo Silver Flake precipitate waste material dried from exhausted Photographic Fixing solution for the precious metal content. Sell wet Black Silver powder spent photo fixing waste, dry Silver Flake, Silver Sulphide scrap, X-Ray Film and used Silver thiosulphate photograph fixer solution precipitate for High Cash Prices.
During the processing of photographic film the photo Fixing Solution becomes Silver rich with Silver thiosulphate ions. Once the fixing solution becomes over saturated with Silver ions it is spent and can no longer perform its photo fixing function. X-Ray fixer solutions also contain Silver Thiosulphate ions and can be sold for the scrap Silver X-Ray Fixer waste value. Once spent Photographic and Dental or Medical X-Ray fixer solutions are over saturated with Silver they need replacing. Silver is recovered from the spent Silver Fixing solution using electrolysis electroplating the Silver out of solution, precipitation to precipitate the Silver out of the fixer or by using a MRC (Metallic Replacement Cartridge) Filter. Once your Silver is in solid Flake, metallic powder or wet photographic waste material form it can be shipped to us to be sold for the Silver content value. X-Rays Films also contain waste Silver that can be recovered by refining and Sold to us, we will buy Medical X-Ray Film (used or new) in large quantities for Silver recovery.

Sell us Dry or Wet Silver Flake for Top Silver Photographic Fixer Scrap Prices. View our Packaging information and Ordering instructions for quick processing of your Silver Flake & Powder scrap.

Please Contact Us if you have an Enquiry regarding selling your spent Photo fixer waste Flake material or any other Precious Metal Scrap questions.

Sell Silver Flake in Any Form from Photographic Processing Waste

  • Dried solid Silver Flake Photo Fixing Solution Scrap
  • Silver Precipitate recovered from Photographic Fixer Recycling
  • Wet Powder type Silver Sulphide Fixer Waste
  • Silver recovered by electrolysis electroplated from Silver Fixer Solutions
  • X-Ray Film and X-Ray Silver Fixer Scrap, Medical or Dental X-Rays Films
  • . . . All other Forms of Spent Photographic Fixer Solution Silver Scrap