Sell British Pre 1947 Silver Coins & Silver Pre 1920 UK Coin Scrap

We Buy all United Kingdom Silver Coins, pre Decimal Coin and Numismatics for High Silver Scrap Prices. Sell lots of pre 1947 British Silver Coins for the 50% Scrap Silver Value to for Refining. We also Purchase all pre 1920 British Sterling Silver Coins for Top Scrap Prices for the 92.5% Silver content of before 1920 date UK Coins.

To Sell your British Silver .500 or .925 Purity Coins dated before 1947, please use our easy to Secure Order Shipping Instructions for Top United Kingdom Numismatics Coinage Silver Prices.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding your Scrap Silver British pre-1947 Coins or any Other Foreign Silver Coins Scrap you wish to Sell.

VICTORIA Old Head Silver Half CrownEdward VII HALF CROWN Silver CoinVictoria Gothic Silver Florin Coin

We Buy All Silver Coins including Pre-1920 and pre-1947 British Coins :

List of Some British pre 1920 Coins We Buy :

  • Threepence 3d and 6d Sixpence Silver Coins
  • King George IV 3d, Victoria Britannia Young Head, Jubilee Threepence etc.
  • Sell British Silver Shillings 92.5% Silver Purity Victoria, George Shilling
  • We Buy Silver Crowns and Half Crown Coins George V, Victoria, Edward VII Heads
  • Florins (One Tenth of a Pound or 2 Bob) Silver UK Coin & Double Florins
  • Gothic Victoria Head, Jubilee Head Florin, Edward VII, George V Florins etc.
  • . . . We also Buy Any Other United Kingdom Sterling Silver Coins

Some of the Pre-1947 UK 50% Silver Coins that We Buy List

  • 3d Threepence George V Silver Coins George VI Head
  • Sell Us Silver Sixpence pre 1947 George Heads
  • British Silver Shillings and Two Shilling (Florin) Coins
  • Florin (Two Bob Bit) George VI Silver 2 Shilling Coins
  • We Buy Half Crown Coinage George VI Head (Two & Six Thirty Pence Coins)
  • . . . You can also Sell Us Any Other British .500 Silver Coins