Sterling Silver Half Crown Old VICTORIA Head Coin pre-decimal British Coins

Victoria Old Head Silver HALF CROWN showing Victoria Veiled Head 1898. First issue of the Old Victoria Head with Veil was minted after the Victoria Jubilee issue Half Crown in 1893, the Jubilee issue ran from 1887-1892 but was then replaced with the Old Veil Head from 1893-1901. The front Face of the Old Victoria Coin depicts Queen Victorias Veiled Head and the words VICTORIA DEI GRA BRITT REG. On the Back Reverse side of the Coin the words FID DEF IND IMP HALF CROWN with the Date marked in between the words HALF and CROWN (HALF 1898 CROWN). Half a Crown .925 Sterling Silver Coins were worth Thirty Pence, 1/8th of a Pound or Two and Six.

  • Size : 32mm Diameter
  • Dates of Issue : 1893-1901
  • Reign : Queen Victoria
  • Silver Grade : Sterling Silver .925 (92.5%)
  • Coin Weight : 14.1 grams (original minted weight)
  • Actual Silver Content : approximately 0.42 Oz. (unused coin)

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