Sell Scrap Sterling Silver Florins. Victoria GOTHIC Florin Two Shilling Coin 1878.

The Gothic Sterling Silver Florin Coin was minted from 1852 until 1887 when it was replaced with the Victoria Jubilee Florin. In 1852 the new design of Gothic Florin had a change in coin diameter from 28mm previously to the new Gothic coin size of 30mm. Another major design alteration was that all text on the coin was in Gothic font script and the coin date was fully shown in Roman Numerals only. The coin face depicts Queen Victoria wearing a Crown and the text VICTORIA D: G: BRITT: REG: F: D: mdccclxxviii all printed in Gothic Font (with the last part being the date in Roman Numerals). The reverse of the coin depicts a Crucifix Cross design with Two Roses, a Thistle and a Shamrock in the corners of the Cross and bears the Gothic style text ONE FLORIN ONE TENTH OF A POUND around the outside of the coin. The .925 Sterling Silver British Victoria Gothic Florin was worth Two Shillings (Two Bob) or One Tenth of a Pound.

  • Florin Coin Size : 30mm Diameter
  • Dates of Issue : 1852-1886
  • Date Format : Roman Numerals (eg. mdccclxxviii = 1878)
  • Features : Gothic Script Text
  • Reign : Queen Victoria
  • Silver Grade : Sterling Silver .925 (92.5%)
  • Coin Weight : 11.3 grams (original unworn weight)
  • Actual Silver Content : 0.336 Troy Oz (newly minted coin)

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